If you are the personal representative on behalf of the surviving family member making a claim, you should contact PJ LEGAL INFORMATION for finding better information. It is the responsibility of the petitioner to provide the names of all survivors who may benefit from the proceeding.

Torture proceedings can be filed on behalf of parents, spouses, children, or surviving relatives who rely on the deceased person’s support. Illegal deaths can take a long time, especially when trying to navigate the process on your own. I don’t have the knowledge or experience of a wrongful death attorney from PJ LEGAL INFORMATION, so trying to do it yourself may take longer.

In an allegation of torture, it is the responsibility of the party to the proceedings to prove and prove that the other party was responsible for the death of the decedent. This is perhaps evidenced by negligence. If proven, damages may be accepted. Damages also vary from state to state but generally include pain and suffering compensation, medical expenses, funeral expenses, future income, and chronological loss.

Alternatively, the respondent may choose an alternative pre-trial settlement for the agreed amount. In addition, unmarried children can benefit if deceased parents are identified before birth and contribute to their maintenance.