Fixing My Netgalley Feedback-Approval Ratio

Lately, I have been reading with singular purpose. Fixing my Netgalley Feedback-Approval Ratio.

But first a bit of an update.

This summer has really taken it out of me. I have been working full time and I believe working hard. I also took two summer classes that each only lasted one month, so therefore was quite intensive. I had class Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And of course, I’ve been busy planning my wedding. Something had to give, and unfortunately, that was the blog. But I am still very interested in books (obviously) and in staying connected to the blogging community, so I’m not quite entirely disappearing just yet.

Back to the main story.

So I have so many physical copies of books in my office that are completely unread. It’s really quite pathetic. And there are so many books on my to-be-read list that I could easily pick up and enjoy. And what am I reading these days?

Any book I get approved for on Netgalley.

There are a few reasons for that.

The first is that I got a new Kindle. It’s a Paperwhite and is pretty awesome. I love reading on it and I like carrying that to and from work more than carrying a physical book. Reading books that I am approved to read from Netgalley means I have plenty of books to read on that Kindle.

The other reason for this binge of sorts is because I have a horrible feedback/approval ratio. It’s because when I first started blogging, like way back in March 2013, I discovered Netgalley. I started requesting all the books. Oh, it’s a cover? Great! I’ll request it! It’s got a description that sounds okay. Cool, I’ll request it!

I didn’t quite understand the whole archive date thing, or that there was a ratio that was being tracked. I ended up missing out on even getting to read most of the books I had been approved for. I think my ratio was barely at 20% by the time I started actually realizing what happened.

I’m not proud of this. So last autumn, I started requesting a few books here and there to see if I could start to slowly climb back from the hole I had created for myself. Obviously, I don’t get approved for many books, but those that I do, I make sure I download, read, and review in short order.

So by doing this a little piece meal, and then really focusing on it the past couple of months, I have improved my ratio to 43%. Not fantastic still, but better. I am almost done with more book that I was approved for and have another that I will start right away.

It’s getting almost a little addictive in a way. I can’t wait until I get it to at least the recommended level of 80%. It’s become almost a game in some ways to see if I can do it. I read and review the books just as honestly as I would normally, but I am definitely focusing more on those books than anything else. I wonder when I start getting tired of reading books dictated by when I’m approved to read it. But so far, I’m in this to reach my goal. 😛

What’s your Netgalley ratio? What reading challenge/binge are you on?

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What do you think?

  • Lindsey says:

    I never really thought about my ratio when I started with Netgalley. Then I requested a few catalogues from publishers with excerpts from upcoming releases. I never thought about rating them until I saw that they were bringing my ratio down and I wasn’t getting approved like usual. Now I don’t request things like that anymore and have made a vow to review whatever I receive within a week of approval. Since I do this, I tend to not over request. I still do get turned down every once and a while for some reason, but my ratio is now at 91% so this system has been working for me. Best of luck getting yours back up. I’m sure you can do it!

  • Mine is terrible right now! It’s 36% :( ugh! I did something similar, I requested a lot of books when I first started blogging and I’m still trying to recover from that. I’m also hoping to increase my rating on net galley this month by participating the ARC August, hosted over at Read.Sleep.Repeat.! I am trying to balance between those and the books I already have out from the library. Should be fun!

  • Katie says:

    Luckily I never really went through that crazy, request-all-the-books faze that many book bloggers talk about. I knew going in that I needed to read and review each book, so I was pretty selective. Still, I did get a few books that I wouldn’t have requested if they weren’t free, and it was difficult to get through those and review them.

    Now I try to limit myself to under five approved books at any time, and I’ve been trying to review early. I have this thing where I will REALLY want to read a book when I first hear about it, but my excitement goes down after that. And I’m ALSO a huge procrastinator, so that doesn’t help!

    20% to over 40% is such a great jump, too! Congrats, and hopefully you can get it up more now that you have that Kindle 😀

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