Seasonal TBR Challenge – Summer 2015

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Seasonal TBR Challenge – Summer 2015

One of the things that got me to return to reading for pleasure five years ago while I was in my undergraduate program was a book club on Goodreads. It was (and is! It’s still around, though I haven’t participated in over a year) called The Seasonal Reading Challenge. Every three months for each season, they develop a list of tasks each worth different points. People plan what books best fit each task and earn points throughout the season for each book that they read for the tasks. It was a great way to add some variety to the to-be-read (TBR) list and choices. And the competition was fun too!

As it’s the beginning of June, I thought it’d be a great time to try doing something similar for the blogging community! We all have that leaning tower of TBR books and sometimes it can get difficult to figure out which book to read next. So let’s have fun matching books to the challenges and see which books we’ll discover! Here’s the way it’ll go down…

The Rules

  • The Seasonal TBR Challenge for summer 2015 will run from 01 June through 31 August. All books read during those dates that count towards a task may be tallied, even ones read before officially signing up.
  • Interested bloggers can sign up using the link up below. Because of the short-notice launch of this challenge, a kick-off post is not in any way mandatory but if you post a kick-off after signing up, feel free to add that link as well and I can curate the list for increased usability. For any non-bloggers wishing to participate, please comment below and let us know so we can figure out how best to include you!
  • Each month will have additional tasks added to the list. June’s tasks are below. If you have suggestions for July and August tasks, please comment below!
  • Each task will relate to themes of the month and the season. Any book can be chosen to count towards a task as long as it meets the specific task’s details. (So any genre, length, style, etc. can be chosen unless otherwise specified by the task.)
  • At the end of each month (or really at any point), participating bloggers can post an update on their progress for the challenge, listing which books you read for the tasks, and how it matched. We will have an additional link up for update posts so we can all see what books you chose to match each task and how many points you’ve accumulated. (This is a great way to be exposed to new books and get help on pairing books to challenges!)
  • The challenge banner or button can be (and is recommended!) used in posts.
  • The reader with the highest amount of points by the end of the challenge period (01 September) will win a prize! (If you would like to contribute to the prize(s), please let me know as well! Email

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June’s Tasks:

5 point tasks:

  • 5.1 Summer Heat. The sun is definitely here and that means raising temperatures! Read a book with one of the following words in the title: hot, scorch, heat, warm, sun, blaze, hazy, or any other similar variations.
  • 5.2 Summer Vacation to the Water. I hope you all are able to go on a vacation this summer, but let’s make sure we go on one to the water! Read a book that has a cover with a beach, river, lake, or pond on it or has the word beach, vacation, holiday, or other related words in the title.
  • 5.3 Warning, Contents are Hot! Read a book with a cover that is predominately made up of hot colors (red, orange, yellow).

10 point tasks:

  • 10.1 Hurricane Season. June is the beginning of hurricane season, which can definitely dampen vacation plans! Each year, the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center releases the names that will be used for each hurricane. Read a book whose author has a name on the 2015 list (spelling variations are okay):

Ana; Bill (Example: Bill Bryson); Claudette; Danny; Erika (Example: Erika Johansen); Fred; Grace (Example: Grace Draven); Henri; Ida; Joaquin (Example: Nick Joaquin); Kate (Example: Lauren Kate); Larry; Mindy; Nicholas; Odette; Peter; Rose; Sam; Teresa; Victor; Wanda

  • 10.2 Anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944, the invasion of Europe, known as D-Day began. Read a book with a title beginning with the letter ‘d’, or has a plot that centers on an invasion (alien, invasion of privacy, war, etc. all count, though if it’s not clear from the synopsis, please explain the book pairing)
  • 10.3 Summer Reading List. School summer reading lists were never all that fun, but the internet is full of different lists recommending different reads for summer. (Examples: ALA’s 2015 Summer Reading List; The EveryGirl’s List; Bustle’s List) Read a book that is featured on a summer reading list and share the link to the list.

Good luck! Please sign up below! You can add the link to your blog or kick off post with any plans you have for each task and share any of your summer plans! If you have any cool ideas for the tasks for July and August, please share in the comments as well!

Happy summer reading!

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