Armchair BEA 2015: Christina on Library Love

armchairbeaSo excited for Armchair BEA to begin!  You’ve seen Michelle’s introductory post. Now I want to share my #LibraryLove for the local public library near my community! First, the prompt:

Library Love

Librarians are awesome. Not only are they helpful, they’re very fun to talk to and give great recommendations. Show your library some love, and the wonderful men and women that run it. Why is your library fantastic? Got any funny stories? Feature your library on your blog? Do an interview with a librarian?

So why is my library fantastic? I wanted to highlight Pohick Library in Fairfax, VA first:

  • I can walk there it is so close
  • They always have books for sale in the front of the library (I stalk these shelves constantly)
  • They have awesome 3-day large book sales on select weekends throughout the year that I ALWAYS find at least a few of the books on my to-own list (plus they have the $5 bag day on Sunday… time to stalk up on new reads that grab my attention too!)book sale
  • The librarians are always super helpful when I am looking for books… always friendly, both the staff and volunteers!

Why are libraries in general fantastic?

  • They always get the new titles in, and a lot of copies to make the holds list go quickly
  • I’m in a book club… one book a month for the club adds up, especially next to my other books on my to-read for-fun list. Libraries give me the chance to read these books without having to spend the money
  • See a book, but don’t know if you’ll like it? Borrow it from the library and return it if it’s not your style!
  • Online e-books. My Kindle and the free online e-books I can borrow from my local library while sitting at home have changed my life
  • They offer great study spaces and quiet rooms for those looking for an escape or location to do research without the distractions (although, the books are a great distraction to me…)
  • As a Masters student in U.S. History, I needed to do A LOT of research for my papers and find the latest texts on certain topics, in addition to some of the original works. Libraries made this SO EASY… not just the school library, but the local public libraries in Fairfax County. My research excelled thanks to the variety of books the public libraries offered

One more library I wanted to highlight was the Library of Virginia in Richmond, VA:

  • When I was working on my Master’s thesis on Freedom Suites in Virginia, the Library of Virginia contained the original documents I needed. Some of the works were transcribed or scanned online through the library’s website. Others were available for free in the archives there… I got to handle the original documents from the 1700s. It was AMAZING
  • The Library of Virginia also acts as a museum featuring documents, exhibits, and preserving history for others to see

I could go on, but I will stop there with why libraries are so fantastic. Have you been to your local library lately? Michelle  visits Pohick Library as well and snapped these great photos of Santa looking for an audio book and the view from where she was sitting. Enjoy!


A photo posted by Michelle (@deckfullojokers) on


A photo posted by Michelle (@deckfullojokers) on

pj - christina

What do you think?

  • I also love libraries Christina, even if I don’t have a lot of time to browse anymore. If I really do want a book I put it on hold at my local library (in Maryland) and then pick it up. I have spend many hours in libraries though :)

  • Exception ABEA library post! I love the Santa. I try to visit libraries in every town that I visit for the first time.

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      I was so surprised to look up from studying for finals and discovering that Santa was looking for an audiobook. He ended up dropping something and I went up to him to hand it over. I figured that perhaps that would help me get on the good list. 😛

  • Christina says:

    Thank you Liza and Suzi Q for the comments on your library trips! Love to meet other library lovers :)

    – Christina

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