Armchair BEA 2015: Introduction to Michelle

armchairbeaArmchair BEA 2015: Introduction

Another year, another Armchair BEA! Another year that I am unable to attend the Expo in person, but will gladly still participate with everyone in the fun that is Armchair BEA! I feel like this year the majority of my posts have actually been introduction posts as I haven’t exactly been the best blogger in the world, but for those who I am meeting for the first time, here’s some information on me!

I have been blogging for just over two years! I am from Northern Virginia and love my state. My current dream is to leave the major metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. and go to a more rural area of Virginia and experiment with a more sustainable lifestyle (like growing some of our own food, using renewable resources, etc.).

I got into blogging because I was bored after my undergraduate program and would come home from work with little to do. I wanted a hobby and was already doing a lot of reading and reviewing. I had actually started reviewing books in 2010 on Goodreads. After a particularly large book haul from LibraryThing and Goodreads one month, I decided to copy Steph Gorelenore at Cover2CoverBlog, who I had been stalking and had been my introduction to the book blogging community and start my own blog.

I have enjoyed reading for basically my entire life. It’s not the actual reading that I necessarily enjoy, it’s the entire experience. I love stories, whether it’s a history class, a book, a television show, or audiobook. A good story lingers with you and can get you just as excited in remembering it as it did when you first read it. Blogging I have a bit more of a complicated relationship with. I’m not longer just coming home from work with nothing to do…I’m going to graduate school part-time, trying to plan a wedding, workout…basically time is always limited and blogging often gets neglected. But when I do get the chance to devote time to it, I enjoy the project of it. Whether it’s planning posts, scheduling things, researching books, websites, publishers, bloggers, figuring out how to market and design…I enjoy these things when I get the opportunity to do so.

I’m not sure I have a theme song. I’ll admit that for the past week I’ve been obsessed with Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood, but who isn’t? I wouldn’t necessarily call that a theme song though…perhaps it’s better to say that any epic soundtrack music is my theme song. I listen to that music all the time.

Diversity to me means differences on all levels. I don’t necessarily believe that diversity should only be considered on the gender, sex, race, or age of the author, but also of its characters, plot, and creativity. It brings to mind the drama involving those in the internet community who rigged the Hugo Award nominations because of their belief that science fiction should only be a certain type of space or science drama. I think when we believe that authors, characters, genres, stories should be of one type even unintentionally, we severely limit creativity and number of new stories we could enjoy.

I’m not good at universal book recommendations, but the book I seem to recommending a lot lately is The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I really enjoyed that book and plan on reading the rest in the series. It’s a good fantasy with pirates…I feel like you can’t go wrong with recommending that book.

I just went through my posts for the past year and I think my favorite post is the one about the “Just in Case Book Habit.” I would say that it is still true that I will carry a book with me most places, just on the off-chance that I will need it.

Part of the whole reason I have such a weird name for a book blog is that I don’t necessarily have a favorite genre. I will enjoy nonfiction as much as fiction sometimes and fantasy and science fiction as much as historical fiction. The list of genres I don’t like are shorter than those I do enjoy.

I am currently reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I had a hard time understanding the world at first but now that I do, I am hooked. It’s a book that I am completely sad that I have to go to work and put the book down for. I’m really curious to see how I will feel about it once I have finished it. I’m only a little less than halfway through right now.

After finishing Uprooted, I will be reading Days Like This by Danielle Ellison. I really enjoyed Salt by her, and as she is a local author and friend, I am definitely excited to dive into this one next!

I actually just did a Top Ten Tuesday on my summer TBR, but I think more than just these books, I’m also interested in reading The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. The title makes me think of Uprooted right now, but I could always do with more Holly Black in my life.

Beyond the survival books and their authors I would want to bring with me while stranded on a deserted island, I would probably want to bring…maybe George R.R. Martin so he can finish A Song of Ice and Fire?

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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What do you think?

  • Hi Michelle! I think I’ve learned a few new things about you :) I’ll have to check on The Lies of Locke Lamora.

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      I just recommended The Lies of Locke Lamora to my cousin. It’s definitely a large fantasy book but it has a world and a map that I get very excited about and can definitely suck you in.

  • Freda says:

    Bad Blood is a fantastic tune!
    Happy ABEA!

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Yeah, I definitely contributed to Taylor Swift’s Vevo record as I played it over and over again last Monday…oops! 😛

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