Christina’s Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

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Christina’s Ten Authors She REALLY Wants To Meet

Ok… this list can be much longer than it is but these were just the first authors off the top of my head as I looked at my bookshelf. I geek out any chance I get to meet an author, talk to them, and have them autograph my copy of their book. To be able to speak with them and hear where they came from, what inspired them, learn about their aspirations and hopes (not just for a book but future writings and life in general) GAH! I love it!! The last author I was fortunate to meet and listen to speak was Richard Leahy, author of Beyond Jefferson’s Vines. Below is the start of my list of authors I would like to meet, with two authors who are deceased whom I would love the opportunity to go back in time and have coffee and a conversation with…

  1. Ellen Crosby – I love Ellen’s Virginia Wine Country Mystery series! As a book club, we have read The Merlot Murders and are reading The Chardonnay Charades in June. I would very much like to hang out with her for a beautiful afternoon at the winery to talk to her about the series and hear about her inspirations (and, of course, to talk about Virginia wine!)
  2. Ken Follett – AHHH I love Ken Follett! He’s my favorite author (I’m currently reading his book A Dangerous Fortune). I would love to meet Follett and talk to him over coffee or visit a history museum with him… he’s such an innovative, creative writer who can bring together multiple story lines and characters and tie them together in the end. His writing style and stories, with so much history built in, hook me… after writing this, I will go back to reading A Dangerous Fortune. (stay tuned for my book review on that coming soon)
  3. J.K. Rowling – Who would not want to meet the creator of Harry Potter?! I don’t think anymore explanation is needed here…
  4. George R. R. Martin – Again, who would not want to meet the great mind behind A Song of Ice and Fire series?! Although, if I ever had the honor to meet this brilliant mind, the first thing I would ask is “When is your next book coming out? Tell me when your next book is coming out? WHY IS YOUR NEXT BOOK NOT OUT YET!?!”
  5. Gillian Flynn – OK, her books are crazy… but I would love to meet the mind behind Amy and Camille… How does she come up with those story lines that are so NOT ok, but hook people and keep them craving more?
  6. Dan Brown – He is another brilliant mind. While his books are not my favorite to read, I still respect them and know he has a huge following. He puts a lot of thought and history into his writings. I would love to ask him more about his background and how he approaches writing. I feel like there is so much I can learn from him…
  7. Erin Lindsay McCabe – Loved Erin’s book, I Shall Be Near to You. I would like to meet her and learn more about her history background and research she did to prepare for this book! As a history lover, I really respect her writing style and how it was so well researched and the story told to make me feel so attached the characters and storyline.
  8. James McPherson – Another brilliant author of history. There is so much research that goes into his books (thinking of Battle Cry of Freedom alone had to take years of research and hundreds – more like thousands – of sources he poured through to compose this history thoroughly, accurately, and clearly/enjoyable for readers)
  9. J.R.R. Tolkien – I would have loved to have met this brilliant creator of Middle Earth. Tolkien inspired me and was one of the first authors I truly loved and whose books I dove into. His world of elves, men, dwarves and hobbits… Magic, power, deception… I am fascinated by his world and would love to immerse myself in its creation. (And yes, I have thought about it, and I would want to be an elf… possibly of Rivendell)
  10. Herodotus – The father of history. I would have loved to have met this man who was far ahead of his time as he recorded the histories of ancient Greece and the surrounding world and told their story for all to remember, forever.

Wow… re-reading this I noticed a key-word I used was “brilliant.” These authors are all brilliant minds, and are the reason I love to read, re-read, talk about, and write my thoughts down about books. Thank you to these authors and all others who are an inspiration to me and so many others each and every day. Without you, life would be dull.

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What do you think?

  • JJ says:

    The only one of yours I had on my list was JK Rowling but if I had more than ten, Gillian Flynn would probably have made it too, as I would love to ask her how she comes up with such twisted characters and stories.

  • Lisa says:

    I would ask George RR Martin the exact same question!

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