Christina’s Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

Top Ten Tuesday

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Christina’s Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

The top three on this list are hands-down my three all-time favorite authors at this point based on the books I have read, want to re-read, and have collected on my shelves. It is clear I must really enjoy epic-adventure, historical, mystical, and long novels. Don’t forget to share your top ten (or at least top three) authors of all time!

  1. J.R.R. Tolkien – Hands down, geek out, J.R.R. Tolkien fan. I recently re-read The Hobbit and am so glad I did. To carry out my book obsession with Tolkien, I have also seen and own the extended versions for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I went out to see The Hobbit trilogy movies on opening weekend each time. (Yes, the third Hobbit movie I purchased my ticket for opening day over a week in advance and in reserve seating) I love Tolkien’s writing style, I love his characters, I love the world he created in his books… I even have his Book of Lost Tales series and Unfinished Tales.
  2. Ken Follett – If you ask me to recommend a book to you, I will more than likely jump to a Ken Follett book. I was first introduced to this author when I started watching The Pillars of the Earth mini-series on television. I stopped the series a couple of episodes in, started the book, and have been hooked on Follett since. I have lent out and bought new copies of The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End books just to ensure I always have them on the shelf. I loved his book A Place Called Freedom. I’m still working through his Century Trilogy and have read Fall of Giants. My next Follett book I will be starting soon is A Dangerous Fortune. He is an excellent historical fiction writer.
  3. George R. R. Martin – Take Tolkien and Follett, combine Tolkien’s mystical world with Follett’s writing style and you get Martin. I am hooked on the Song of Ice and Fire series and am dying for the 6th book to come out. (like the rest of the world) I am one of those people who love the HBO Game of Thrones series, but I get so irked when they divert from Martin’s story-line in the books. He is so meticulous and the direction of each character is so planned and yet unpredictable for the reader… come on Martin, hurry up and release the next book of the series! (And HBO, stop messing with the story line!)
  4. Jeff and Michael Shaara – This father-son duo has a knack for historical fiction. I love their books on the Civil War and have another on the American Revolution on the shelf to read soon. They both carry a unique writing style that brings me into the war and makes me feel like I am witnessing the battles in action.
  5. The Brothers Grimm (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm) – When I was a little girl, I received The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm from my grandpa. I sat there in my room and read this book from cover to cover. I was fascinated by the stories, the fairy tales, the quality and quantity, the lessons, and the number of Disney and other films who developed movies from their stories. I believe this was the first “door-stopper” book I ever sat down and read. I will always treasure this book I received from my Gramps and the stories contained within by these masterful writers.
  6. James McPherson – Excellent non-fiction writer on the Civil War and surrounding period. McPherson has written a couple of my favorite books, including Battle Cry of Freedom and For Cause and Comrades. One can really learn a lot from his approach to history and advancements he’s made through his research in the field.
  7. Tony Horwitz – Horwitz is a fun and different type of historical non-fiction author. He explores history from more of a journalist perspective as seen in his books Confederates in the Attic and A Voyage Long and Strange. Horwitz explores the countries through the eyes of the historical period he is writing about. For example, in Confederate sin the Attic, Horwitz travels through the southern states visiting towns and events such as battle reenactments to see how history is being remembered today, how it has had an influence on the people through generations, and tells the story of the history he is exploring in this sense.
  8. David McCullough – Another fun and easy-to-read historical non-fiction writing. Many people know him for his work on 1776 and John Adams. He tells a broad history in a fun and succinct fashion. I find I can read his works pool-side and relax while taking in the lessons he is trying to teach.
  9. J.K. Rowling – I suppose I can’t write this list without include Rowling who has done so much for the fantasy genre. Rowling worked magic through her Harry Potter series. Now she is on to writing a new genre of tales. While I was not the biggest fan of A Casual Vacancy, I loved her writing style and how she brought everything together in the end. The Cuckoos Calling was a classic murder mystery piece I enjoyed and particularly liked talking about with the book club.
  10. Gillian Flynn – As twisted as she is, I can’t get away from her books. I look forward to reading them and I blow through her books reading them non-stop. Flynn has a mind she brings out on the paper that I don’t think can be matched by another. Her books leave me thinking “what the f***” and yet I can’t put them down and crave more.

Honorable Mention:

  • Margaret Mitchell – I had to include Mitchell on this list simply because of her masterpiece Gone with the Wind. I will forever treasure this book on my shelf. It was ahead of her time, and a classic that will forever be read and adored. A beautiful depiction of the Civil War, of romance for the ages, of life, perseverance, and lessons learned… Mitchell is worth the read.

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What do you think?

  • Margaret Mitchell, for sure! I love GWTW. I also liked GONE GIRL, HP (who doesn’t?), and LOTR (of course).

    Happy TTT!

  • Great choices. J.K. Rowling made my list, too.

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