Michelle’s Thoughts: Rediscovering Audiobooks

I was going to write about the various stresses of this time of the year, with two major term papers due in just a week and a half. But I figured you all have pretty much heard enough of that by now. :) But one of the things that I’ve rediscovered this week: audiobooks.

I feel like every time I listen to an audiobook, I wonder why I didn’t listen to them to more often. Audiobooks:

  • Are easy to fit in with a busy schedule. I can listen on my commute, even when I’m driving and not taking the train.
  • Technology has advanced! Audible has improved sooo much since the last time I used it, and it’s become easier to pick it up and pause on multiple devices.
  • Are relaxing. Although this can also be a con because I become very sleepy after a while…
  • Allow for the story to be experienced in a very different way.

audibleIn case you didn’t read Christina’s review of The Alchemist, it is our April book pick for our VA Wine and Book Club. I have done a pretty bad job of reading the books for the club lately. Part of it stems from my lack of interest in the specific books, but also because I’m reading so much slower these days. I can’t seem to finish my pleasure read in time to pick up the club book.

My solution for this month? I re-signed up for Audible, taking advantage of their free credit for their trial. The last time I had a subscription to Audible two years ago, I had to download their audiobook manager to play the books and download each book. But now?

I can stream the book from my browser. I can use their free app (but still have to download the book) to have the audiobook play through my phone, and then thanks to Bluetooth, through my car. Each syncs so well that where I leave off of my computer, my phone picks up.

It’s making it so easy for me so I think it’s safe to say that I will actually be able to discuss the book at the club’s meeting this Sunday!

pj - michelle

What do you think?

  • I LOVE audiobooks! I discovered them when I first moved to Maryland and had an hour-long commute to and from work. Back them I got them in CD at the library (mind you that I still get some that way :)) Anyway, I have an Audible account and I listen in my car or iPad. Also, my library uses Overdrive for digital audio and I borrow books that way as well.

    Great post and welcome back to audiobooks!

  • Audiobooks are glorious! They definitely fit more easily into a busy schedule. The amount of books I’ve finished since re-discovering audiobooks myself two years ago has been significantly bumped up because of audiobooks. On the flip side, I’ve been listening to far less music than I used to, often choosing to listen to an audiobook over music.

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