Michelle’s Ramblings: Falling Out of Love with Reviews

If I go to Goodreads, I see at least four books that I have finished and have yet to review:

And if I was to follow the promise I made last year when the drama happened with Goodreads deleting reviews, I still have so many reviews to cross-post here.

So what’s going on?

I think I’m falling out of love with reviews.



I’m not sure I was ever really in love with reviews, but I certainly looked forward to typing up my thoughts about a book as soon as I finished. It was almost a completion of a cycle for me. But as soon as you fall out of the habit of doing it, it becomes harder and harder to want to write about it.

And yet, I still enjoy discussing books. What’s the difference between a review and discussion?

discussionI don’t know. I don’t think any of my reviews have been anything more than me just talking about the book. But I sometimes wish there was more of a dialogue about the books than simply just a one-way conversation.

Perhaps if I could begin vlogging like I have been wanting to, where I simply state out loud my thoughts about the books or do a group video with others that have read it. It’s certainly worth considering.

But reviews have always been the way that I record my thoughts on a book because my memory is always so shoddy once some time has passed since its completion. I think more than anything, I need to return to reviewing a book as soon as I finish. But I still need to figure out how to increase discussion. Let’s rant about books together!

pj - michelle

What do you think?

  • Good point! I’m in this place where I kind of dislike having to type of my reviews because it’s sooooo tedious sometimes! But like you, it’s my way of recording and organizing my thoughts on a book so I’ll remember it. I have no clue how you’d have a book discussion on a blog because to truly discuss it you’d probably have to put up some spoilers which could lead to some drama.

    I’ve found that sometimes I just CAN’T do a formal review of a book (I have a specific format I use) so I’ll do more of a book talk where I’ll just ramble about the book I’ve read, usually just talking about how it made me feel or what I took away from it. It’s still not a discussion, but it feels less like a review and more like sharing. Good luck finding what works for you! :)

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Yeah, I’ve never been a particularly formulaic reviewer, but I find myself becoming even less so lately. I need to go back to just rambling about a book instead of feeling the pressure to be all…professional about it. I’m still curious at exploring vlogging about a book but I’m sure rambling in video format would really require tight editing or few views. 😛

  • I feel like a lot of bloggers are making this shift – less ratings and more talking about what did/didn’t work. If it makes it easier for you and less stressful, I say go for it!

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Yeah, I figure still talking about a book is better than quitting altogether, which has been tempting given the various drama that has erupted time and again on social media. I’d really rather not be on the receiving end of someone attacking me for my thoughts on a book.

  • Steph says:

    I hear ya, it gets a bit tedious, if you really want to write them and just need a push though there is the <a href="http://www.thebookvixen.com/p/write-on-review-thon.html&quot; title="Write-On Review a thon"

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      It really gets tedious when you can’t even remember the damn book enough to really go into any kind of detail about what you thought of it. Sure, I could just not review it, but when I got it specifically to review it…well then there’s the issue.

      Good call on that review-thon! I’ll definitely consider doing that! I’m participating in the Love-a-thon again this year too…that was a lot of fun last year!

  • Vlogging is a great idea!!! You can always change up your review style if you’re not enjoying it, too. Just go ahead and have that conversation with yourself! I think I need to come up with some sort of bullet point review system for when I’m not really able to form a full review or full paragraphs! :)

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