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You know that phone app, TimeHop? I probably use it too often to bug my friends on Facebook with reposting the various inane statuses that I am alone in finding clever. It’s just fun to look back and see where you were on a particular day in the past. (It also serves as reminder that perhaps it’d be helpful to have less of a social media presence…)

Today on TimeHop, it showed that this very day last year, I was introducing Christina as a new contributor to the blog. Calvert was already contributing reviews by that time and the growth of our community was very exciting. Some people like to maintain full and complete control of their project. But for me, I like to share the fun and responsibility. I’m neither a prolific reader nor writer so to have any kind of activity on a blog, it should not be just me coming up with content. And besides, how boring would that be? I think part of the fun of blogging is hearing the different takes on things and the various communities that grow from blogs. That community doesn’t have to be limited to blog-to-blog, blog-to-reader. It can also be internal to a blog.

Having Christina and Calvert and a few others contribute to the blog has been a lot of fun. We are always looking to grow the team too and have probably become the pests of our social circle as we bug them to write a review or to discuss different parts of the reading and writing experience.

As you’ve probably noticed between my post last week about being busy and in a reading and reviewing slump and the sheer number of posts by Christina, that she has totally gone far and beyond what was expected of her. So if you check out our About page, you’ll notice a change. Instead of introducing her as a contributor like last year, let me now introduce her as my co-blogger!

But let’s not limit the collaboration to just us! What are some other great collaboration book blogs out there? Who does it well? Which blogs should we check out and follow?

What do you think?

  • Christina says:

    Thanks Michelle! I can’t wait to continue to contribute to and grow these contributions. Looking forward to what 2015 has in store!

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