Where Michelle Has Been

Who is this ‘Michelle’? I feel like I used to see a lot of things about her and books, but she’s been like missing for the past several months? Is she even blogging anymore?

I imagine that is what people may ask. Very regularly, I would feel bad for not doing –something, anything- with the blog. But here’s the thing about blogging specifically about books: if you’re not motivated to read, you’re not motivated to write about books either.

I don’t owe anyone any excuses or explanations, but I’m going to do some explaining anyways. It’s a way to explain things to myself too.

Last semester was not particularly hard, but it made me readjust some of my priorities. I found myself thinking that if I had time to be writing a blog post, I had time to be doing research, or doing some other homework assignment. Surely, I thought, that meant that blogging shouldn’t be a priority.

And then when my time was being monopolized by other things, I found I was reading less. First because of time, then because of lack of interest. Was it just the books I was picking to read not motivating me? Or was I simply not interested in reading?

In early December, I told my coworkers that I hadn’t finished a book since October. It was a moment when I realized how unbalanced I had become in the ways I was spending my time and energy.

Of course graduate school should take priority. And wedding planning is no joke either. All while working full-time means that there are some pretty stressful weeks. The thought of writing 300-500 word blog posts for a post a day is completely intimidating and when you’re stressing about so many other things, you don’t feel like you should be adding any extra stressors.

Then there was the review backlog. I don’t know why I fell into this horrible habit, but I stopped reviewing books as soon as I finished them, creating a backlog of about a month’s worth of books that needed to be reviewed. I still have some books that I finished months ago that I still haven’t gotten around to reviewing. I am not like some people who can read a book and still tell you every detail long after they’ve finished it. I simply forget. I can tell you if a book made me feel strongly one way or another, but that’s about it. Commenting on the finer parts of a plot, writing style, characters, etc.? I have to do that right after I finish the book otherwise they are lost to time (or until any potential rereads).

The things that stressed me out in the fall are not gone. The new semester begins in a week and a half and I’m sure there’s a possibility I will find myself in similar straits as with the previous one. But I want to try recommitting myself to this blog, to any readers Playing Jokers has, and to my co-blogger.

Books are fun. They are a release. Blogging about them is a way to share in that joy with others, join in on conversations, and connect with other book lovers.

I can do that even if I have to start talking about things only peripherally related to books, right?

Tell me that I’m not alone! Are you a blogger that has struggled with keeping it up? Are you a reader that suddenly was completely unmotivated to read? How did you fix it?

As always, thank you all and happy reading!

What do you think?

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