One Month’s End is Another Month’s Beginning: September/October 2014


It’s officially the Halloween season! Right? I’m sporting some awesome Halloween Jamberry nails:

Pretty cool, right? I am still learning exactly how to put them on, but I’ve got a few more sheets to try out.

In other news, I’m officially more than a month through my first month of graduate school. It’s a mixed bag of a lot of work, a lot of non-work, and definitely a lot of time in class (5.5 hours every Wednesday after a full day of work). It’s definitely reiterated that I am not destined for a life in academia forever. Maybe when I’m older, my mind will change…

We posted the following reviews in September:

And we posted the following non-reviews:

That said, I did pretty good with reading this month, until I started reading Disunion, the anthology of articles on the Civil War. It’s very good, but it’s not exactly a book you can speed through. Of the books I had wanted to read for September:

  • I finished: Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night and Wonder Show. I definitely enjoyed both and they took place within 30 years of each other, so that was sort of fun to have that type of continuity.
  • I finally gave up on We’re All Infected: Essays on AMC’s The Walking Dead and the Fate of the Human. I just couldn’t stomach anymore of it, particularly when dealing with scholarly essays for school.
  • As I mentioned above, I’m in the thick of Disunion. It’s definitely very interesting and I am enjoying it. But despite being made up of lots of digestible essays on various aspects of the Civil War, it isn’t something that I can race through.
  • I haven’t even started Lucky Us or Salt & Storm. Both of those are books from Netgalley for review, so those are definitely next on my queue!

I posted earlier in September that I was craving a good series. I highlighted some ways that I hope to start satiating that craving. So I’m going to switching up a bit my TBR for October.

  • I will finish Disunion…eventually.
  • As listed above, Lucky Us and Salt & Storm need to be read next.
  • The Walled City is yet another Netgalley book that I need to read. I always feel so guilty when I get excited about a book, request it, and then let it sit for too long. One day I’ll get on top of that.
  • The Swap is another review copy I received, this time from Goodreads. Once I knock out these review copies, I think I’ll be happier in my reading life.
  • As a non-series book that has been on my Goodreads’ TBR the longest (yes, that’s a lot of qualifiers), September Girls is the final book on my month’s TBR. I bought it and had it signed over a year ago. It is probably a more appropriate pick for this past month, but oh well!

I keep listing fewer and fewer books for a month, but I’m okay with that. So for October, my goal is 6 books. I keep getting ahead, being on track and falling behind on my annual reading goal. I have a feeling that I will be making that goal by just an inch!

What are you planning on reading this month? Do you have anything exciting happening?

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  • Freda Mans says:

    Happy October reading!
    Nice nails!

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