I am Craving a Good Series

I am craving a good series.

I say that but I already know of a few. I’ve started a few. In fact, let me list just a few of those that I have read the first book or so of and have all the best intentions in the world to finish:

  • A Song of Ice and Fire: I have read the first two in this series, but unfortunately, I fear that I would need to reread them to make much progress towards reading the rest. (Christina just reviewed A Storm of Swords!)
  • Outlander: OMG do I want to read this series right now. Watching the Starz television series of the first book, the only book I’ve read, really makes me want to revisit Claire and Jamie, despite spoiling all the books for myself!
  • The Iron Druid Chronicles: I read Hounded last year and loved it! It’s both funny and suspenseful with a good helping of magical realism.
  • Gentlemen Bastards: The Lies of Locke Lamora was by far one of the best books I’ve read this year. Sure the series isn’t finished (are there any series that are finished these days?) but it’s such a fun fantasy world!
  • Temeraire: I’ve only read His Majesty’s Dragon, and definitely want to continue following the adventures of this cool dragon and his rider in a fun alternate historical fiction!
  • Wine Country Mysteries: Because why not, when you’re in a Virginia Wine and Book Club finish the series that the club kicked off with?
  • Delirium: Okay, I’ve read the first two, and just have never gotten around to the last in the triology, Requiem.
  • The Sweet Trilogy: Loved the first, liked the covers of the rest, never got to them.
  • Pure: One of the most twisted young adult dystopians I’ve read and it left me curious for the rest.
  • Sookie Stackhouse: This is perhaps a maybe…I feel like I should finish the series but I’m not 100% sold on it.

That list doesn’t even include those series that I read the first book and perhaps did not feel so inclined to continue but wouldn’t be completely unopposed to seeing it through.

That’s a lot of series. A lot of pages. A lot of time.

As a book blogger, I think that there is a certain pressure to keep up with the next big book. Do you have enough review copies? Have you read them? Reviewed them? Okay, on to the next review copy!

It doesn’t leave a lot of time to read one series. Additionally, if the only content appearing on the blog is just for a certain book series, there is a belief that readers would become bored. Who wants to read yet another post about this series you’ve posted about all month?!

But on just the other side of that coin, there is a certain frustration that comes when you have no time to read a series. It’s hard to balance both reading a variety of things to keep up with the current trends of books and to complete a series.

I recently played around with my Goodreads’ to-read shelf. I discovered that those that were on there because I bought the book with the intention of reading, reviewing, and giving away and those I had received specifically for a review numbered at 25 currently. I’d say that is pretty darn good in comparison with others. Keep in mind though, that I am a slower reader than others. 25 books is half my year’s reading goal. If I were to take in no extra books for 6 months, I could reasonably figure to finish all those books and be completely free to read whatever I wanted, to include finishing any of those series above.

But do I want to set out on such a mission?

I’m outlining three steps that I want to take to work my way to more reading freedom and open myself up to reading more series:

  1. Go through that list of 25 books and figure out which ones I would be okay simply giving away without reading. This is a difficult thing to do. It’s almost painful for me to part with books that I have, particularly those that I have bought, and find them new homes without first offering my opinion on them. But 25 books is a lot and some of those books have been languishing for quite a while. Surely, I could borrow a copy from somewhere or someone later if I so feel the need to read it.
  2. Limit my requesting of review copies. I’ve been doing this for a while anyways. My Netgalley score is abysmal so I am trying to request a few copies here and there to slowly chip away at it and there’s something thrilling about receiving physical review copy in the mail from giveaways on Goodreads or other sources. But it’s less thrilling when it takes away time from reading a book you might be more in the mood for. I need to continue to work to limit my requesting to keep the list of ‘other-than-series’ books on the lower side.
  3. Alternate between a series’ book and a non-series book. Instead of waiting until all 25 books are off my list, perhaps if I alternated which books I read, I could achieve a better balance between the continuity of a series and reading something new.

I’m surely not the only one feeling this way! How do you decide which books to read? Are you reading any series lately? Which ones?

What do you think?

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