Christina’s Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Her That She MUST Read


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Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me That I MUST Read

I really utilize my Goodreads “to-read” shelf to keep track of the books recommended to me by others that I have to read. After going through this shelf, below are 10 books I hope to read soon after I finish my last semester of grad classes (or during)…

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire, books 4, 5 and 6 by George R. R. Martin – Prior to learning of this TV series, a friend of mine who has contributed to, Ellen, recommended this series to me. I am now three books in, and hooked! I’ve mentioned before, but Martin’s writing style reminds me of Ken Follet’s, another one of my favorite authors. I have only recently started watching the TV series, but intend to keep the books first before watching the corresponding seasons. I am three books in, and have books four and five on my shelf staring me down to pick them up and start reading…
  2. Born Fighting by James Webb – This recommendation only came to me in the past couple of weeks from one of my best friends who is currently in California. She texted me about a book she was reading that she thinks I would like. I instantly added it to my “must reads soon” books. This book follows the culture and path of the Scots-Irish to America and how they helped shape America.
  3. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson – I have had this book on my “to-read” shelf for a few years now… I am ashamed I have not yet read it! My hobbies include camping, backpacking, and hiking. Because of that, this book was recommended by a few friends, and I am looking forward to diving into it during one of my hiking trips. The author focuses on the Appalachian Trail, a trail I love to hike here in Virginia and hope to explore in further in it stretch from Georgia to Maine.
  4. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – I have not seen the movie that came out, but was recommended this book by others in the book club and who knew about or saw this movie. I recently came across the book for sale at a thrift store and purchased it with intentions of reading it soon.
  5. 11/22/63 by Stephen King – My boyfriends’ mom and I share book recommendations, between book club and casual readings. The last book I recommended to her was Lexicon by Max Berry, and she recommended this one to me. I am sad to say, I have not read a Stephen King book yet! So I intend to start, and this is the first I will pick up. This book is set both in present-time and around the death of J.F.K and has a little sci-fi/historical fiction combination in its subject and style.
  6. The Civil War by Bruce Catton – Another one with connections to my boyfriend… we were visiting his grandparents and I was staring at their book shelf with a wide variety of historical books (my favorite). This book I noticed they had two copies of, and they offered one to me recommending it as a great overview of the War. I can’t wait to start!
  7. Soul by Soul by Walter Johnson – This book was recommended to me by a professor I had in grad school. We were talking about the movie Twelve Years a Slave (based off a book), which had just came out. Our professor mentioned this book and said it was gripping, brutal, but a must-read. The author focuses on slavery in Antebellum America, particularly in the slave markets themselves.
  8. City of Dreadful Delight by Judith R. Walkowitz – During one of my first grad classes, we read the book Nights Out by Walkowitz. Her writing style and subject selection drew me in, even on a topic I normally would not pursue to read on m own. The professor told us if we liked her new book, we would like this older book, City of Dreadful Delight. This book focuses on the Victorian London and the sexual dangers, including prostitution and Jack the Ripper, that plagued the times and streets.
  9. Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin – This book was recommended to me by some classmates who were assigned this book by our professor to read and present to the class. (I was assigned a different book on Lincoln and did not have the opportunity to read this one as well) Many people may be familiar with Goodwin’s book because Team of Rivals was the book the movie Lincoln was based off of. While I was not a huge fan of the movie, I am looking forward to reading this book for a more in-depth analysis of Lincoln and his colleagues.
  10. Panopticon by Jenni Fagan – I have added this book to my recommended reads because it is the next book selected in-line for our book club read! This is September’s book, a thriller with an interesting description… you’ll see more on this book as we dive deeper into it for the book club. This is my current casual read selection I have picked up and started.

Looking at this list, as I mentioned, I am always looking for more book recommendations to add to my “to read” shelf and personal book shelf. If there are similar books to the above you recommend, by all means, PLEASE do!

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What do you think?

  • I’ve been wanting to read Water for Elephants for so long too! Never gotten around to it, though :(

  • I once attempted to listen to the Game of Thrones audiobook… It didn’t work out. Too many people to keep up with! But good luck if you ever decide to tackle it!

    Here are my Top Ten!

  • I loved A Walk in the Woods. Some of Bryson’s books are a bit overly snarky for me, but in this one his dry sense of humor is played up really well. Definitely a funny and informative read.

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  • Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing your TTT’s and book feedbacks! Will definitely keep you all posted as I get to tackling these reads :)

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