Michelle’s Review: They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie

Michelle’s Review: They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha ChristieThey Do it with Mirrors by Agatha Christie
Published by AudioGo on 2000
Genres: Fiction, General, Mystery & Detective, Traditional British, Women Sleuths
Pages: 224
Format: Audiobook
Miss Jane Marple helps pal Carrie Louise, invited by worried sister Ruth to Stonygates, where arrested boys rehabilitate. Foundation trustee Christian is shot dead in the guest room while paranoid Edgar shoots at Carrie's husband nearby. After more deaths, Jane sees illusions.

When picking different audiobooks for a long roadtrip, I was excited to see how many Agatha Christie novels were available at my library. It’s basically almost a guarantee that I am going to enjoy her books and that others will rarely find them objectionable. So I selected one Miss Marple and one Hercule Poirot, both read by the actors who play them in the recent iterations of their television series.

Unfortunately, I think that the choice to have this narrated by the actress made my enjoyment of the story suffer a bit. While a fantastic actress, her voice was very ‘old’ sounding (I really hate saying that. I don’t mean that as an agist comment, but I’m not really sure how else to describe it…) and it was hard to understand at certain points. I had to really pay attention and then train my ears to it. With a British mother, I typically have an easier time than some in understanding accents, but I did have a rougher time with this one.

The story itself was enjoyable. I definitely contemplated sitting my car for longer to finish a section despite the heat (unfortunately, the heat always seemed to win out). It was a classic Agatha Christie with character sketches and the grand reveal at the end. Sure, it’s formulaic, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that when it comes to Christie. The ending was shocking as I had no clue until it was revealed. Enjoyable and intelligent.

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