Experimenting with TweetDeck, Pinterest, Instagram & Giveaways

experimentclipartSo I am not exactly new to blogging. I’ve had my fair share of live journals, xanga, nerdy pursuits and so on that mean that I’m not new to technology and how to use it. Playing Jokers has been around now for a little over a year, but I’m still evolving and learning. And while I feel like that person who is constantly saying, “oh but once things calm down I’ll do that…” here are the things I’d like to start experimenting with for the blog:

  • Tweetdeck: I literally have never even looked at this, but I’ve heard rumors that this allows you to schedule tweets. I -think- this is how people end up tweeting about their blog posts throughout the day even if they are likely working or otherwise busy. I’d like to use this to better advertise my posts.
  • Pinterest: I’m engaged and I’ve still barely used pinterest despite it basically being a wedding planning tool. But I know bloggers do use it to help promote their blogs and I think it would do me some good to experiment with that. I already cross post onto my Tumblr account but I’m sure cross posting on Pinterest would also do some good.
  • Instagram: I would love to be more organized and post a snapshot of my post on my Instagram account. Again, this is an advertising move, but I also think it would add some meat to my instagram account–I only joined like 3 weeks ago! I’m still figuring it out and I think making it clear on there with the right hashtags that I’m a book blogger and here are my posts makes sense.
  • Different types of giveaways: I think I’m officially over with rafflecopter giveaways. At least, over only hosting giveaways that way. I’ve been reading a lot of different people’s thoughts on those types of giveaways and they certainly aren’t all positive. Additionally, I would love to experiment with hosting a Twitter only giveaway where you have to follow me and retweet by a certain day, or comment by a certain day on an Instagram picture.

Do you think I’m on track with those experiments? What am I forgetting? Any tips?

pj - michelle

What do you think?

  • I LOVE Tweetdeck. Stormy from Book.Blog.Bake. just told me that there’s a web application too so I can use it even when I’m not at my home computer! No phone app but I do love being able to use it away from home! (AKA work)
    I crosspost to Pinterest but I don’t get a TON of traffic. It is some though so it’s worth it! :)
    And I LOVE instagram. Obsessed with book pictures!

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