Christina’s Review: Lexicon by Max Barry

LexiconLexicon  by Max Barry

Published: April 10, 2014 by Hodder & Stoughton
Format/Source: Kindle Edition
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 390


Words are weapons, and one man is immune, in this dazzlingly original thriller from the author of Jennifer Government.
Sticks and stones break bones.
Words kill.

They recruited Emily from the streets. They said it was because she’s good with words.
They’ll live to regret it.
Wil survived something he shouldn’t have. But he doesn’t remember it.
Now they’re after him and he doesn’t know why.
There’s a word, they say. It shouldn’t have got out. But it did.
And they want it back…

Find out why in one of the most mind-bending, page-turning, thrilling novels you’ll ever read


When I first read the synopsis for Lexicon, I was skeptical if this was the book for me. It was May’s book club pick, selected by popular vote. I started the book late one night and found myself unable to put it down and wide awake still three hours later… it was intriguing.
Suspensful…thought-provoking…thrilling….the book kept me hooked. My brain was constantly thinking, trying to draw connections, understand better, figure things out and attempt to draw conclusions.
The book started with a girl, Emily, and followed her through her journey to a school for select individuals outside of Washington, DC. Simultaneously, the author also introduced a man, Wil, and a series of crazy events, chases, and confusion associated with his character. The story was focused around the effects some words can have over individuals… the power of pursuasion. Some of the questions I was thinking to myself was how could these two stories relate? What are their similarities? Will they ever collide? These are some of the questions that kept me attached to the book…
Trying to think of a part of the book I felt needed improvement or clarification, I occasionally got lost with the blog entries. Between Emily’s story, Wil’s story, the news stories, and the blog posts and lists, it was almost too much to take in and try to draw together common threads. At times this made me feel a little overwhelmed at all I was reading. I was afraid I had missed something or did not get out of an event, blog, etc. what I should have taken away from it.
I would recommend this book for a wide range of audiences. As I mentioned, the book was not up my alley based on the synopsis, but I enjoyed it through the end. It was a page turner and kept my brain exercised. And for a book club read, this book gets a gold star. There is so much room for interpretation and wide-possibilities for questions and analysis. During our discussion, I asked what conclusions everyone drew in the end. We all came up with different ideas… it led to a great discussion and the urge to go back and re-read the book to pick up new clues and connections.


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