One Month’s End is Another Month’s Beginning (May/June)


So PicMonkey is a lot of fun. No more fighting with Paint to make a new feature image for the blog! So for once I’m actually posting my month’s reading progress on the first of the month! Go me for being mindful of the date!

For May, I was a little ambitious, and I don’t think I was that far off from my predictions. I had wanted to read:

Okay, so I only read three of six I had initially set out to read, but I also read a book that wasn’t on the list: Pretty Dark Nothing. So really, four out of six isn’t bad. And I’m a little over 100 pages into The Lies of Locke Lamora. So far, I have two recommendations for this book: If you like playing Assassin’s Creed, particularly the stealing and sneaking part, you’d like the Gentlemen Bastards series. Additionally, if you like the complexities of A Song of Ice and Fire and a new fantasy world that is quite the pirate theme, you’d like the Gentlemen Bastards series. I’m enjoying it, I just tend to be a little intimidated when the book is thick, which I think makes me feel like I read really slow.

In May I:

  • Got my engagement ring! It’s quite pretty and I’m finally used to wearing it.
  • Went to the Virginia Gold Cup, a great local horse race that’s a lot of fun. This year I was smart enough to wear enough sunscreen lotion this year so I didn’t become the lobster I was last year.
  • Did a lot of venue shopping for the ceremony and reception. Oh my, are weddings expensive! So if you start seeing me talking about just eloping on Twitter, don’t be surprised!
  • Finished watching all the available episodes of The Walking Dead on Netflix. So, I like it the show, but it could really do with some level of hope. Otherwise, the only reason to watch is to see who gets offed next.
  • Attended the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival. Wow. A lot of fun!
  • Participated in #boutofbooks and Armchair BEA.

In June I:

  • Will be taking a road trip to New England to visit family and friends.
  • Will hopefully decide on a wedding venue.
  • Will be attending the Clifton Wine Festival.
  • Will have a friend come visit me!
  • Might go to a lavender farm.
  • Just might have a new blog design!

For books, I:

  • Would like to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora. I imagine that I might get some serious reading done while road tripping/on vacation.
  • Will be checking out the audiobook collection at the library for fodder for the road trip.
  • Would like to read Lexicon and The One, from my May goals.
  • As the book languishing the longest on my Goodreads’ to-read list (August 16, 2012!) I’ll be reading Hyperion.
  • As for the books from last year’s Book Expo America, I choose two children/middle grade books: The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit and Star Wars: Jedi Academy.

There might be a couple of books coming in the mail from giveaway wins, but I think six books a month is good enough goal for my reading speed. Hopefully, I can report back at month’s end with 100% completion!

Have you read any of those books? How was BEA? How was your May? Let me know!


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