Armchair BEA: Expanding Blogging Horizons

armchairbeaI guess I keep preferring the first topic of each day of Armchair BEA than the second. So far, I’ve introduced myself and I’ve chatted about my author interactions (which by the way, I in no way intended as a bragging post, but more to illustrate how while I was very lucky to have author interactions before blogging, since blogging, they have grown and developed).

Today, I will be chatting about the ways in which I might have grown and developed in other ways, beyond the screen and typed post.

Getting past all the nitty gritty things that I have changed since blogging (longer to-read lists, increased social neworking presence, awareness of new releases, constantly trying to think of new content) I think one of the biggest ways I would like to expand is into vlogging.

I’ve been following Geek & Sundry closely for a while now, and I love their Vloggers channel. Basically, it’s a bunch of YouTubers selected to vlog about some section of nerdom. I know there are a ton of booktubers out there, but Geek & Sundry has been my biggest influence in wanting to branch out in this way. I think that there is a lot to be learned in that style of vlogging: having a specific topic to talk about, being excited, good editing and visuals, and what I think is most important: keeping it brief. I think there are too many longer vlogs out there that can quickly make me lose attention or want to fast forward. It’s unfortunate, but I think 2-3 minute videos are the best. But the reason why I haven’t started vlogging yet is because I don’t know how. Okay, so my new laptop has some type of web camera but the quality sucks. And how do I edit it?

If you have any helpful tips of how I can expand into vlogging, please let me know!

What do you think?

  • I did one vlog once and that was it for me! I don’t like being on camera. I kept laughing. I admire everyone who does it regularly!

  • I haven’t dared to start vlogging yet, so I don’t know about the technicalities. But I totally agree that 2-3 minutes is the maximum you should do. I only watch short video’s as I’ve no patience to sit and wait (and HOPE) for something interesting.

    Good luck!

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