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boutofbooksBookish Battle Royal Challenge!

I wasn’t exactly planning on participating in the Bout of Books challenges, but this one was so unique, I had to make the time for it. My Life in Books has all the rules. Pick at least three characters from books to pit them against each other! Who will win?! I decided to take this in a different direction (because I have a hard time thinking of normal characters) so I chose different dragons! (I’ll try to find pictures later and add them to this post so it looks cooler. I was just too excited not to get this up right away.)

Combatant #1: Drogon

Drogon is one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. In the television show (and maybe the books?) he’s the bolder of the three.

Strengths: When full grown, might have the potential to melt stone with his fire; very protective; will grow very large
Weaknesses: A picky eater; likely to be stolen; a little unpredictable

Combatant #2: Temeraire

Temeraire is the main dragon in his own series, where he is a rare and valuable Chinese Celestial dragon who is a Royal Navy Captain’s.

Strenghts: He doesn’t breathe fire, he basically creates sonic booms that cause massive destruction; highly intelligent, he can read and therefore capable of coming up with his own strategies; can fly in one spot (like treading water)
Weaknesses: Gets tired of flying after a while; susceptible to emotional distress; requires a lot of food

Combatant #3: Ramoth

Ramoth is a dragon from the Dragonriders of Pern. She is Bendon Weyrwoman Lessa’s queen gold dragon, possibly the largest gold ever.

Strengths: Can communicate telepathically with her rider and other dragons; capable of strategy; can teleport/time travel
Weaknesses: Golds can’t breathe fire;

The Victor

I’m actually going to go with Drogon though Temeraire could be a close second. While Ramoth’s teleportation would be infinitely helpful, Temeraire’s sonic boom could cause all the other dragons to go plummeting down to the ground, but Drogon’s sheer destructive fire power and recklessness would likely bring him the trophy. Temeraire might feel too emotionally concerned with the other dragons to go all out in fighting them.

Who do you think should have won? What strengths and weaknesses did I miss or get wrong?

What do you think?

  • Katherine says:

    What a fun Battle! Great idea. I’m actually not that familiar with Temeraire and Ramoth so Drogon sounds like a reasonable winner to me. :) Happy Reading!

  • Steph says:

    This is a great alternative to the normal characters people choose :) Yay dragons!

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