Michelle’s Informal Return to the Blog

So this is the post that I have simultaneously dreading and looking forward to writing. It’s one of those dreaded (and often times most read) posts where the blogger makes their excuses for a hiatus and what they’ve been doing outside of their blog. I decided a little while ago that I wouldn’t make excuses for my unplanned (but oftentimes wonderful) hiatuses from blogging. I am human. I have a life. And I always feel more rejuvenated for a break. I could definitely do a better job of communicating those breaks, but sometimes they just happen. They build. And eventually, like it did this time, the break turns into more of a mountain that has to be overcome to return back. Which is stupid, because what is blogging? At its core, it’s words. It’s one post at a time, and a return from break should be nothing more or less than that: one post at a time. So this is my one post. :)

So what have I been doing?

  • Eating. Eating copious amounts of junk food.
  • Celebrating getting into graduate school! I’m going for a MA in Communications. I’ve already registered for my first two courses (I’m going to be working full time going to school part time). I start in August.
  • bogoCelebrating my birthday. I’m a quarter century!
  • On the topic of my birthday, I was unable to go to Medieval Times in Maryland for a great feast and show. I still plan on going, taking advantage of this great deal!
  • Getting engaged! My boyfriend of about five years blurted out his proposal and now I get to experience what it’s like to be a fiancee.
  • Planning a Vegas trip with girlfriends in August.
  • Rewatching Game of Thrones to catch my fiance (see what I did there?) up with the show so we can finally start watching the new season.

What are my plans?

  • To start dieting and exercising. Losing weight. Stopping myself from eating copious amounts of junk food.
  • Read my book club book and finally finish a few new books.
  • Consider beginning a feature where I actually highlight the other things besides books and reading I’m doing. I think that might help with any potential burnout in the future.

I’m sure there are like so many other things that are simply eluding me right now to include in this. But I think that’s about the gist of it.

Whew! I took that first step back!


What do you think?

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