The Book Scoop: eBook Refunds, Sandman, and Tennessee Williams


Here’s the weekly round-up of bookish news and articles that I found interesting. And it’s barely more than the first scoop of what’s available out there.

I got my refund, did you?
As an Amazon Kindle owner who on occasion buys books, I was quite happy that I received refund at all due to the ebook price fixing settlement. I received a grand total of $2.92 added to my account. That’s like three things from the vending machine! One of my coworkers, who has a Barnes & Noble Nook, discovered that he received over $40! Definitely check your emails about these refunds. It might fly underneath your radar as some type of spam promotion, but it’s legit! So what should you do with your refund money? Buy more books of course! Time Magazine created a list of the ten books you should buy with your refund.

Amy Poehler Named Honorary Chairperson for World Book Night
The 3rd Annual World Book Night takes place on April 23. 25,000 volunteers will give away a total of 500,000 books to help bring books to areas where they are not as prevalent. Amy Poehler adds star power to the event, which will give free books to teachers and students in underfunded schools. It’s a great cause, and I know some bloggers who participate, so props to Poehler for joining in!

Gaiman Resurrects Sandman
After ten years, Neil Gaiman is returning to the Sandman series. According to his interview with CNN, he does so because of the joy he experiences in working on the comic book series. “The ‘Sandman’ series primarily follows the character Dream, who appears with various names and forms and has control over the dreams of everyone and everything” (CNN). Check out their interview with him; it’s definitely interesting and the photo gallery is fun.

President Carter’s New Book Released
President Jimmy Carter may have been president before I was born, but he’s not quite retired yet. His new book, “A Call to Action” addresses what is widely unaddressed, the challenge of “the deprivation and abuse of women and girls.” The book is being published by Simon & Schuster and is already generating positive reviews. I happened to catch him speaking on The Diane Rehm Show on NPR. For a guy that’s in his eighties, he sure still has it.

New Story by Tennessee Williams Published
There are those that whose names resonate as one of the classic authors, those who people try to hold a candle to but perhaps can never steal the light coming off of them. Tennessee Williams is one of those authors and news that a never before published story coming to the light has all those English majors in a tizzy. “Crazy Night” is a short story that was found amongst some of Williams’ journals that takes place on a college campus. Decidedly risqué, it appears that Williams wrote this story when he himself was fairly young. In just reading the description of this story, it certainly sounds like something that even those who don’t typically read ‘classics’ should check out.

What do you think?

  • Steph says:

    I got $10, happy time. I have read some of the Sand man comics- they are trippy and fun

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