The Book Scoop: NoVa Teen Book Festival & Other Findings


Here’s the weekly round-up of bookish news and articles that I found interesting. And it’s barely more than the first scoop of what’s available out there.

Reading a Book a Week
Part of the way I typically try to achieve my yearly goal of 50 books a year is by reading a book a week. So far this year I am behind, but here is someone’s tips on how to read a book a week. While I disagree with some of his techniques (reading first thing in the day? Who’s schedule allows for that?),  it is still a good read.

NoVa Teen Book Festival is Coming
One of the authors and booksellers who is a member of the YADC group is also the brainchild and hard worker behind the creation of the first Northern Virginia Teen Book Festival. Of course, this might only be relevant news to those of us in this area, but it’s really quite an exciting thing. A ton of authors are going to be there, including Victoria Schwab, whose books I just finished this week and will hopefully not be fangirling too bad. If you’re in the area, you should definitely go!

Questions to Ask Before Publishing
Lots of people have the dream of publishing, but there are some important questions that perhaps should be thought about before pursuing one form of publishing. Huffington Post offered some advice on this issue, like is the manuscript ready and who are the readers for the book? Even if you’re not looking to publish, it’s still an interesting read.

LinkedIn Offering Limited Publishing Capabilities
A lot of people blog and LinkedIn is looking at keeping some of that content within their sphere of influence by offering publishing capabilities to a limited number of their users. Instead of users creating a following on another blogging platform, now the following and the content can remain on LinkedIn, potentially growing LinkedIn’s influence and relevance. Personally, I know I could be using LinkedIn better and if the community is already there, I could definitely see this making sense for a few people.

What do you think?

  • Interesting :) I try to read at least 1 book a week and more often than not I read more. Funny thing is that when I was full time employed I read far more despite having less time.

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