The Book Scoop: Naked Booksellers, Apple, and Calvin & Hobbes


Here’s the weekly round-up of bookish news and articles that I found interesting. And it’s barely more than the first scoop of what’s available out there. (This was a slow news week.)

One Way to Battle Censorship? Pose NudeNaked French booksellers and publishers
A member of one of France’s political parties spoke out against a book that was recently published which caused quite the interesting reaction. The book was aiming to lessen some of the stigma around being undressed for children, showing different people undressing. (Okay, my American eyebrows raised at that, but I also understand that there is quite the interesting cultural divide between what is acceptable and what is not; why BBC shows nudity and so on.) A politician was outraged about this book and spoke out publicly about it. Well, a group of booksellers and publishers reacted to the censorship by posing naked with just books. That’s one way to do it.

Apple Appealing eBook Ruling
Remember that big case regarding eBook price fixing? It’s not quite over. As would be expected, Apple is appealing the decision that found them at fault for price fixing eBooks, partnering with different publishing houses. The publishing houses settled, but Apple isn’t going down without a prolonged legal fight. Earlier this month, the 2nd Circuit rejected Apple’s request to stop the oversight that was required based on the initial ruling. So Apple has now filed again. I think it’s safe to say that whichever way this ends up will leave a lasting impression on the digital media market.

Calvin & Hobbes Creator Releases New Work
I remember checking out every single Calvin & Hobbes book from the library and devouring them. They are easily my favorite comics once I graduated from Garfield. There is a a simplicity and a humor so unique to them that really make them so appealing to me. Bill Waterson is back with a film poster. It’s for a documentary called ‘Stripped’ which is, as you might imagine, about comic strips. The artwork is so clearly Waterson. I would definitely check it out!

CBW_Poster-small2014 Children’s Book Week Poster Revealed
The poster commemorating the 95th annual Children’s Book Week, to be held May 12-18, 2014, has been revealed! It will be distributed nationwide at no cost beyond shipping. The poster has been illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser who was the 2013 Children’s Choice Illustrator of the Year Award winner. If you are interested in ordering a poster, definitely visit the site!

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