The Book Club: Bookish Coasters, Virginia Wine, and an Anniversary

I haven’t posted an update on the book club for a few months. The main reason for my silence?

I’ve been bad and haven’t finished a book club book since October.

There, I said it. I admitted it. I’m not proud of this. I LOVE my book club. It is comprised of some really awesome women that for the most part attended my college, some in my sorority, others were in other sororities, and the group keeps growing to friends of friends. We started out last February as a group of maybe six. We are now at 17 members and we keep growing. We are now at the point where meeting in an apartment is tight and we have to consider private tours for the wineries.

That’s right. Wineries.

We are the Virginia Wine and Book Club. Not a very creative name but we are exactly what the name says. We read one book a month and drink different Virginia wines. We will meet and discuss the book, sometimes at each other’s houses, sometimes at a winery and vineyard. Seriously, it’s been one of my favorite things this past year. We have done so many fun things and I can only get excited for what this next year holds.

This month, our club celebrated our one year anniversary.

There are a lot of couples who don’t make it as long as this group has. So it was definitely important for us to mark the occasion.

Our very first meeting, we read The Merlot Murders by Ellen Crosby and met at my place where we drank different Virginia merlots and ate chocolate covered strawberries. This month, we read The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe and tasted the sauvignon blanc, rose, and table red from Trump Winery and met at my place for old time’s sake (despite the fact that I’ve moved in the past year).

The verdict on the book: None of us were what you’d say ‘fans’. The book had its merits (particularly the amazing quotes that could be found in it), but the subject was depressing and the tone monotone.
The verdict on the wine: Some of us liked the white better than the red and vice versa (I was in the white camp), and the rose should have been served chilled (my bad!).


The women at this month’s meeting!

We wanted to do something we haven’t done before at a meeting: craft. We decided to make bookish coasters, using printed book covers, tiles, and mod podge. None of us had done this before, so it was quite the endeavor. Thankfully one of our two very artistically inclined members was in attendance to give us some tips as we figured it out. We each brought our own book covers and it was kind of fun to see how our personalities were reflected in the coasters we picked.

Making a mess with mod podge

Making a mess with mod podge

If anyone is interested, maybe I will figure out how to make a vlog and show you how to make these. I think I like them so much that either I am going to have a million coasters or we are going to make a mosaic of them for a wall in our house.

These are mine so far

These are mine so far until I make 1000. I printed the covers out at Walmart

One of our member's coasters

One of our member’s coasters who used real book covers

One of our member's coasters

One of our member’s coasters, with cut up quotes from Eat Pray Love with pictures from past meetings

One of our members rocked at making the coasters the smoothest with the sand paper

One of our members rocked at making the coasters the smoothest with the sand paper

For next month, we are reading A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron and going to try to meet at a wine bar.

I really can’t praise this group enough. If you have a chance to start or join a book club near you, do. It’s wonderful to have a regular date with friends and know that even if you’re just discussing a book or a wine, that they’re there for you.


What do you think?

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    Love this craft! So cute!

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