The Weekly Word: Louche

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The Weekly Word is a feature where I highlight a word that I stumbled over in a book, explain where it was found and what it actually means. Reading can expand your vocabulary as long as you don’t allow the same words to continue to trip you up.

I promise that this feature is not inaccurately named and that the gap since the last time I posted will not be a pattern. Of course, promises of that kind are bound to get broken, but it’s a definite goal of mine! This time I’m reading a new book and have found quite a lot of words in there worthy of highlighting!

This week’s word is:


Where it was found:end of your life book club
Christina’s a better person than me and has actually finished our February book pick for our Virginia Wine and Book Club. I’m still plodding along at 46% when the meeting is in just a few hours. Go me! But this word was found in The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe at around the 41% mark (kindle location 1817).

One of the problems about lying to my mother when I was growing up was that I almost always got caught. This was partly due to Mom’s formidable memory. “Where are you going?” she would ask me as I was sneaking out of the house, at age twelve, for a forbidden trip on the subway from suburban Cambridge to louche downtown Boston to visit Jack’s Joke Shop, where I could buy fake vomit, joy buzzers, and other such things.

Why it confused me:
I feel like there’s not really a whole lot of contextual clues to figure out what louche means. I feel like a joke shop is a pretty neutral type of shop that can be found in any part of town.

What it means:
adjective. disreputable or sordid in a rakish or appealing way.
“the louche world of the theater”

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