The Book Scoop: 3D Westeros Street Art, Iain Banks’ Final Book & Rowling’s Sequel


Here’s the weekly round-up of bookish news and articles that I found interesting. And it’s barely more than the first scoop of what’s available out there.

Stunning, Amazing, So Cool Advertisement for New Game of Thrones SeasonRex_GameofThrones_3574601h-3079200480-O-658x1024
In addition to the announcement of the new covers for A Song of Ice and Fire books (this time the pictures are based on the  landscapes of the world), HBO paid for what is easily the coolest television advertisement yet. 3D street artists created artwork showing the Wall with wildings? White walkers? attempting to scale the ice barrier. It can be viewed from multiple angles, making it the first of its kind! It’s really quite stunning, but unfortunately it’s in London. I don’t know what my reaction would be if I stumbled across it. It does give you a good perspective of quite how tall the Wall is.

The Jenner Teens are Authors with Their Own Cover Reveal
Now, I do not watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and nor do I really know that much about their family. But I know some people who do and will likely buy the Jenner teens’ book for that reason alone. Kylie and Kendall have written a dystopian/science fiction young adult novel that is planned for release on June 3. Titled “Rebels: City of Indra,” the cover was revealed on E! News.

2013 L.A. Times Book Prize Finalists Announced
It continues to be award season and the finalists for the 2013 L.A. Times Book Prize were announced this week. As is the theme with all the awards, I’ve only heard of a few of the nominations and have read even fewer, but here are some of those that I’ve at least an awareness of.

Bolivar: American Liberator by Marie Arana for Biography
Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sheri Fink for Current Interest
The Maid’s Version: A Novel by Daniel Woodrell for Fiction
The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith for Mystery/Thriller
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell for Young Adult Literature

Iain Banks Final Work to be Published February 2015
Last year, Scottish author Iain Bank passed away after battling cancer. However, he will have one more published book. It will be a book of poetry and his publisher, Little, Brown will be marking what would have been his 60th birthday by releasing this final book. In a final interview last year, Banks stated that he wanted to publish these poems regardless of the manner-saying that he would self-publish them if he had to. I’m glad to see that the poems will finally be published in a what I hope is a nice way of honoring his legacy.

Robert Galbraith Returning with a Sequel to “The Cuckoo’s Calling”
And by Robert Galbraith, I of course mean J.K. Rowling, the architect of my adolescent reading obsession. Last year, it was revealed that J.K. Rowling had published a new mystery under a pseudonym. As could be expected, it rocked the publishing world and sales of The Cuckoo’s Calling skyrocketed. Readers can now expect the sequel, titled The Silkworm to be published in the UK on June 19 and in the US on June 24. Keeping with the original, it will be published under the name Robert Galbraith with none of the mystery of the real author.

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