Love-A-Thon Challenge #5: Letter to Myself



Mini-Challenge #5: Letter to Yourself

For this challenge, I’m going to write a letter to my past and future blogging self…because I can’t pick just one. Surely the other would feel left out?!

Dear past and future blogging persona Michelle,

I know that you have had a lot of experience playing around with websites your entire life. Remember that play-by-post role playing game you created in the sixth grade, where people could ‘attend’ Hogwarts classes? While that HTML coding you used back then was probably up-to-par with most sites, you should really try to keep up with progress. Because before you know it, you’ll know next to nothing about how to achieve the web designs you desire. And it’s really hard to find the time to learn and experiment with everything else on your to-do list.

When picking a blog name, while you want it to be something that you will be happy for a long time, it might help if it was a little more focused or required less explaining. Easy advice there.

Don’t worry about the small things, but you might want to focus more on becoming at least a little more polished. And you might also want to reach out more to the rest of this blogging community everyone seems to rave about. I know you’re on the shy and socially awkward side, but no one is going to reach out to you unless you reach out to them. Friends don’t just happen; so work on that.

And definitely be open to growing the blogging community however which way suits you best. Keep bringing in contributors–they’re amazing!!

And most importantly, don’t lose the love for reading that you’ve always had. You should really make sure that one hobby doesn’t overshadow the other.

With love,

Wow, I surprised myself there!

What do you think?

  • Kelly says:

    Reaching out to the community was the hardest part for me, when I first started blogging. I often felt like I was intruding on Twitter conversations if I jumped in with my opinion, or that my comment wasn’t going to be worth reading, since no one knew who I was. Fortunately, once I did start interacting with more bloggers, through social media or their blogs, I found only welcoming and encouraging people!

    I also like your advice of continuing to learn and grow; it’s so easy to become complacent!

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      I agree! It’s sometimes hard to know when you’re interrupting or joining in! I think since Love-A-Thon I will go ahead and make those social plunges!

  • This is great! I love the blog name! I know it is scary at first to reach out to others but I hope you do! I have met some really great people that way.

  • NicoleLynn says:

    I’m super shy, so I totally love your advice. This event was a big “leap” for me in reaching out to the community because usually I stay quiet. It’s been a wonderful and eye opening experience! I also agree with Kelly that I really loved your advice on continuing to learn and grow. I think we need to do that constantly or life will get to boring :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Yeah, I think I’m really good at being a bystander. I will watch other people’s conversations, think they’re funny, but will remain fairly silent. Love-a-Thon definitely has been an eye opening experience and I hope to carry on some of the lessons learned going forward.

  • I’m such an introvert that I totally understand it’s scary to put yourself out there. I think a lot of us are shy but the social media aspects get easier with time.

    I wish I was better at the technical and design side so I think it’s awesome that you are comfortable in that area and interested in growing your skills.

    Hope this is a great year for you!

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Yeah, I wish I was more comfortable with achieving the kinds of designs I like. I used to know how to do it, but somehow the html I know is now “outdated and defunct”. I’d love to be that person with a new design every season just because I can. Maybe my future self will get a handle on it! :)

  • Stephanie H. says:

    Great advice! And it sounds like an awesome play-by-post game. 😀 I especially love your advice about not worrying about the small things.

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      hahaha yea I was really into play-by-post rpgs. It was amazing how much writing I’d do, and yet none of it was publishable or even reusable. They’re great fun though!

  • “Don’t lose the love for reading you’ve always had” Great advice! What a nice and brilliant letter :)

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Thanks! I think sometimes book bloggers can begin to feel that they are reading to blog and not reading to read. I think it makes us in danger of being extra cynical and grumpy. :)

  • Not losing the love you have for reading is an important advice to me! I like how you went with past and future, great 😀


    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Thanks! Sometimes I haven’t made any present progress with a lesson learned in the past, so hopefully my future self finally will. :)

  • Alexa S. says:

    Your letter is lovely! I think it’s definitely important to keep on learning and growing when it comes to blogging. It’s a dynamic community and world! And I also definitely think you should keep reaching out to this community. Everyone I’ve met is so wonderful and nice! Hope you experience the same :)

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