The Book Scoop: Self-Publishing, Antique Books and a $50,000 Advance



Here’s the weekly round-up of bookish news and articles that I found interesting. And it’s barely more than the first scoop of what’s available out there.

Antique Books for Young Dealers
There’s a new growing trend that antiquarian book dealers are younger than they were before. This is an interesting story with the prevalence of ebooks and digital forms of literature. It might be easy to assume that younger people might have no interest in antique books (so not the case for myself), but here it is. A few incidences of how the antique book trade is evolving.

Kindle Worlds Expands
Last spring, Amazon created a platform for fan fiction. They acquired certain rights to Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars. Those right allow people to then write within those worlds, be it originally from television, movies, or books. Now, Amazon has obtained additional rights, this time for seven worlds, including G.I. Joe, Veronica Mars, and Ravenswood. It must mean that the first round of rights worked out well, and if more story-owners are cool with Kindle Worlds, it could mean that even more will be jumping on this. I still wonder about the end-game here…

A Degree in Self-Publishing
That is basically the root of this story. The University of Lancashire is now offering a Masters in Self-Publishing. While self-publishing is certainly a bit of a phenomenon with what I believe is lasting power, I’m curious what the benefit is in a masters in self-publishing versus perhaps attending a single seminar. Perhaps this will create job opportunities for people to then consult and work as an agent for aspiring authors.

Another Footprint for Amazon: A Writing Competition
I hate highlighting so much from Amazon, so consistently, but really, it’s like they set it up this way. There is a competition that allows for the winner to receive a publishing contract and a $50,000 advance. That’s a pretty big advance (she says, despite never having written anything)! I’d imagine a lot of people will be trying to enter, but hey, it’s worth the try!

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