Christina On: Why I Don’t Have an E-reader…Yet

Back when the e-reader phase hit, everyone I knew went out and bought theirs. I, however, had my hesitations…

  • To begin, there’s something about technology and batteries dying that gets me… I can see myself reading a book, hitting the climax, and BAM! Power dead…  This is especially a fear of mine since I go out camping a lot and have no power access in the woods.
  • There’s something about the feel of a book in your hand. I love it, and I can’t explain it. The way the pages turn, the book mark, the feeling when you borrow a new book from the library, or buy a new book for yourself. It’s tangible… and I love that feeling of owning and having a new, real book in your hands.
  • What happens when this technology becomes obsolete? Will I lose all my books? Yes… this was a fear of mine. Because, I love books and I like to see the books I own on a shelf. It also makes grabbing a book for research easy for me when I can see the titles.
  • On that research note, I am finishing my M.A. in history. As you can imagine, this constitutes A LOT of books. Last semester alone I had to buy 23 books to read (not including any additional research for papers, enjoyment, etc.)  I like the ability of marking pages with tabs and easily being able to flip to that page when in a class discussion. Going back to the book for research pages, again, I tend to remember approximately where in the book something was I want to reference and can easily flip there and skim.
  • I work in DC. I have to take public transportation every day… the number of thefts reported about people who had their phone or tablet stolen is slightly ridiculous.
  • The rain… yes, the rain. I hate the rain (and the snow, and any sort of weather other than beautiful, warm/hot, and sunny.) What if my e-reader gets wet and drowns? I am still scared from this happening to my iPod back in the day…  Water in general, since I love reading by the pool and beach, always scares me with technology.
  • The computer… I’m on a computer all day with work. It’s nice to catch a break from digital screens on occasion.
  • Page numbers… I really enjoy page numbers, especially when referencing something for class/a paper. There’s also something about knowing how close to the finish you are in a book. For example, I’m currently reading one of George R. R. Martin’s books… those suckers are long (great, but long) and I like to know how far into the book I am by visually seeing the pages left (not a percentage of how far along I am)
  • The price… the price used to be so expensive, and a cost I was not quite sold on making compared to the cost of a book I will have forever.

I know there’s a lot of inaccuracies to these assumptions/fears… but they are how I feel. However, I do have reasons for why I will end up with an e-reader, probably sooner than I think:

  • The Virginia Wine and Book Club… a new book each month, a new book that isn’t always in the library. Do you know how many times I’ve requested a book go on hold that I haven’t received in time for the book club meeting? It’s slightly annoying…
  • The ease of being able to rent a book from my couch from the library. Has a nice appeal.
  • The money… it is so much cheaper to buy a version of a book for an e-reader compared to a hard copy! Especially for one-time read enjoyment books.
  • Book reviews today come in digital format, and reading from a computer gets tiring after a while. Having an e-reader to read and review books is just too convenient sometimes.
  • The price… the price of a basic e-reader has dropped dramatically. Now that’s just too tempting… :)

Stay tuned… I will have an e-reader soon enough, I’m sure! Please keep filling me in on the positives of why you like your e-readers to help sell me on this!


What do you think?

  • I feel the same way on most of your fears and reservation about e-readers. But I also see the appeal. You’ll probably end up buying an e-reader before me, but let us know which one you end up buying.

  • Christina says:

    After talking with others to hear their recommendations, I just gave in and purchased the Kindle Paper White! I will keep you all posted on how I like it!

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