A Programming Update

I’m sort of shocked that I haven’t posted some sort of programming update since June. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been sort of free-form with my scheduling the past four months or so. That has worked out for me fairly well, though it has definitely had its pit falls. Once I had my little lull in blogging in October-December, it became hard to keep up with a schedule. What posts I had prepared needed to just get published as soon as possible instead of waiting for me to work around “blogger’s block” to write the other posts I had planned on.

However, I think it’s good to keep everyone abreast as to what is going on with a blog. I’m a person that likes legends in maps. I like knowing what I’m looking at even if I’m only looking at one little piece of the whole. In that way, I think having a general idea of what to expect from a blog or website is nice. (Though let’s also be realistic, this site isn’t called “Playing Jokers” for no reason-there will be randomness.)

So here’s an outline of some the things you can expect from Playing Jokers:


The Book Scoop – I have posted my interpretation or links to interesting news articles since I started Playing Jokers (almost a year now!). I think that it’s important for a book blog to be tuned into the real world of books and publishing as much as it is important to read the books. I have finally formalized this news feature by giving it a name. It will likely take the form of a news round-up with a little bit of our views on the articles. There’s nothing too scientific about it-it’s a snapshot of what bookish news stories caught my attention.

weekly word

The Weekly Word – This is a brand new feature that I came up with as I was feeling dismayed about my success rate with GRE vocabulary flash cards. As the name implies, I aim for this feature to be weekly. I find a word in a book I’m actually currently reading that I didn’t know the meaning of. I then call out the sentence or paragraph where the word was found and define it. It’s a fun way to expand my (and maybe your) vocabulary while also spotlighting a book I’m reading.

Thoughts & Stuff – That sounds exciting right? Well, what should I call a post like this one? I like the blog posts that go beyond the formula. When I check Bloglovin (my personal preferred blog reader), I tend to only look at like 30 posts at a time. But I start with over 100 to look at. So I mark as read those posts that I don’t see myself enjoying or wanting to comment on. Which posts do I end up looking at the most? The ones that go beyond the memes, the book tours, the reviews. The ones where I can better connect with the person beyond the page and learn something. However, I promise that this doesn’t mean that I will start ranting at the drop of the hat about some mundane thing. But I would like to spark discussions and ask cool questions. These are the “jokers,” the wild cards, of the content.

Some Tours – I have really dropped off in participating with tours. This is for a couple of reasons, but it’s safe to say that I’m not going to stop participating entirely. If I do participate in a blog tour, it’s because I am actually interested in the book. They just will not be a main part of this blog. What I will participate in as much as possible are cool blogging challenges/community building things like Love-a-thon!

Memes – There are some really cool memes out there and I’ll likely participate those weeks when I’m all nice and organized. I am just not very good at keeping up with them. Basically, this is me saying I like some of the memes and I will participate as I can but I am not very good at sticking to a schedule for them anymore.

Reviews – I’d be dumb if we didn’t keep reviews. And thanks to my lovely (and hopefully growing number of) contributors, there should be some great variety in the kind of books that are being reviewed as well as the style of the review. In my mind, I see reviews filling in all the space between the features and random posts. It is the main part of the content.

What kind of posts do you like reading the most?


What do you think?

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