The Book Scoop: Miserable Literature, Women Authors & Apple’s Drama


Here’s the weekly round-up of bookish news and articles that I found interesting. And it’s barely more than the first scoop of what’s available out there.

Link Between Economic Misery Index and Miserable Literature
A recent British study showed that there is a link between something called the economic misery index and the kind of misery that is written into literature. This isn’t shocking to me; Goodreads a while ago had some awesome graphic about how interest in dystopian novels would increase after a major world event (WWII, 9/11, etc.). I find this link between real world events and the kinds of books that people both read and write fascinating. It’s really quite something.

More Women Read More and Let’s Read Women
Another study has shown that there are more women reading than men and that they also read a higher quantity than others. Again, I’m not terribly surprised, but it’s cool that there is a study backing that up now. Some people are pledging to read only women authors this year and this article highlights just a few of the authors that happen to be women publishing this year.

Someone Brings Up a Dilemma Echoed By Many a Blogger
There is this dilemma many bloggers complain about (while also knowing how lucky they are to be in such a position). There are so many books that we end up “having” to read, but then other books that we want to read that we don’t end up having enough time for. This Huffington Post contributor is in that same position and talks about two of the books she’s read so far this year.

Apple Granted a Short Stay From External Monitor
Remember when Apple was doing bad things with ebook pricing? Well, they are supposed to be monitored from an external person/company/thing to ensure that they change their ways. But Apple wants to appeal the whole thing, and has asked for a reprieve from the external monitor that they have issues with anyways. This reprieve was granted, and DoJ needs to file their papers soon in response. Needless to say, this drama hasn’t played out yet.

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