Blogger Trends and How I Measure Up

Who knew that I was sort of ‘with trend’? Or better yet, ahead of the curve? 

Everyone’s been posting their blogging goals, whether it is just as the start of the New Year, or part of the meme, “Top Ten Tuesday.” And while I haven’t been able to comment due to some technological issues, I am loving everyone’s goals. They are in many ways inspiring as well as heartening. (You mean there are others out there that feel the same way about things as me?!)

I am seeing a common theme amongst most book bloggers I read regularly.

  1. They want to limit the amount of book tours and promotional posts they sign up for.
  2. They want to read what they want to read; pausing or limiting the requests for ARCs.
  3. Comment more.

There is a high chance that there are other common themes, but these are the ones that really stick out for me.


This is not my first rodeo as a blogger or as someone running a website. I’ve always been one of those particularly nerdy techy kids back when it was required to dial up into the webs. (I can still clearly remember the exact order of the crazy sounds went…it was almost my theme song.) And yet, I went through quite the learning process in developing Playing Jokers.

It didn’t take long for me to come to the realization that I needed to set up some guidelines for the book tours I would sign up for. I’ve essentially followed those rules I created for myself since then. Does it mean that I am sometimes a few days without content? Sure. But having some freedom in deciding which books to read next are lovely; I don’t have to quickly read a book in a week for a review post. It helps avoid some of the tedium that can come from a blog.

I have also really slowed down how I request and enter to win any new books. I want to work through the books in my collection now before adding to the (according to my Goodreads account) 40+ books that are waiting to be read by me. Yikes! I tend to only read 50 books in a year (I really am no prolific reader compared to those of you that read 100+ a year) so it is a bit ridiculous to think that I will ever really catch up. But by stopping requesting new books, I can slowly get to a place where I really read books that interest me in the moment, instead of reading something because I’ve had the ARC for a few months and I’m behind and I feel like everyone is glaring at me because I haven’t reviewed it yet. *takes a breath*

And, I would totally have had another post to back me up on how I want to comment more, but funny story here: I never got around to it. I wrote down the idea for that post probably 4 times without ever writing it. But it’s safe to say that I consistently wonder why I am sad that more people don’t comment on my blog when I barely ever comment on anyone else’s.

I write all this to say: I hear you. I feel you. I agree. And I’m glad to know I’m finally on the same page as most of you. If only a little off center. 😛

What do you think?

  • I almost never enter to win books any more, either. I did it all the time when I was a new blogger trying to gain traction, but now that my TBR pile is taller than I am, I cringe at the thought lol

  • Julie says:

    I think it is really cool that so many bloggers have very similar goals. I guess that means there is a trend in blogging to connect more to each other while focusing on what interests us, rather than what obligates us.

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Yup! It’s almost funny how much everyone was reciting the same things. Obligation can only be fun for so long and I think it’s wearing a lot of bloggers down.

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