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You’re witnessing the birth of a new feature. Or rather, the repackaging of something I would do every once in a while. I like book blogs that have some kind of awareness of the world beyond that of the latest book read. So here are just a few snippets of interesting information I have become aware of that I thought I would share.

Remember when everyone was leaving Goodreads for Bookish? Apparently, Bookish has been acquired by Zola Books, a start-up online retailer. There is a hope that this change could improve the struggling website. I *think* I created an account on Bookish during the whole Goodreads’ review and terms of use change, but I really haven’t touched the website. It was difficult for me to understand and sometimes I get new website fatigue.

Also from that NPR new roundup, several thousands of books were burned when a library of a Greek Orthodox priest was burned by an arsonist. The priest is amazing in his forgiveness of the arsonist. I still can’t fathom all those books that were burned.

3D printers bring a new wonder to the world: a 3D printed book cover. It’s obviously in limited supply as each cover takes 15 hours to print. The book is from Riverhead Books, On Such a Full Sea by Chang-rae Lee.

I am not an author. Sure, I have daydreams of that happening, but I am fully aware that to be an author means settling down and actually writing. And I can barely do everything else I want to do, so I’m being realistic: I will likely not ever be an author. That said, I thought this article on The Huffington Post was great. It explains some of the factors that are considered by publishers to take a book.

And finally, science fiction great, Isaac Asimov wrote some predictions for 2014 in 1964 for the World’s Fair. It’s pretty interesting.

What do you think?

  • Julie says:

    Wow, I haven’t heard of the 3D cover yet, but that is such a cool idea. I bet those books are gonna be so much more expensive, but there might be some value for special collectibles.

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Oh yeah. I imagine that they will only make like a limited number of them as they go forward, but if you can get one for your collection, it’d be pretty cool.

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