So all those older reviews showing up on here? Here’s why

When I first started this blog, I had a little feature I named “From the Stash.”



Originally, it was the way that I had content for my fledgling blog as I figured things out and started reading a little faster. While I’m certainly not amazing at having content for my blog these days, I have been using “From the Stash” a little more than I might have otherwise.

The reason why?

Remember all those controversies regarding Goodreads? Well, that drama seems to keep popping up every once in a while and it makes me uncomfortable. I *believe* that I have always remained in compliance with their terms of service, but I don’t really trust them anymore. I have been reviewing since the beginning of 2010. That’s a lot of reviews, albeit there are quite a few that are a little subpar in the quality department. What happens when Goodreads decides to change their policy again? Or if my reviews suddenly go missing? I’d be devastated.

But guess what? I have a blog. A blog that I own. A blog that I can control the content of. A blog that can serve as a little bit of a back-up for my reviews, beyond that of me reposting them to LibraryThing and other such sites. But all those sites are just as susceptible to shady practices as any company. I want to be trusting, and I’m still going to participate in all those sites, but I want to be smart about it too.

So if you see an influx of reviews of older, pre-blog reads, here’s why. I want to save them.

Where do you post your reviews?

What do you think?

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