Happy Holidays! and my reading goals for the New Year

Happy holidays everyone!

Regardless of which one you celebrate, you’re given a Federal holiday tomorrow and another one next week. That alone is a reason to celebrate, but also hopefully you’re spending your time with the ones you love, doing things that you enjoy. Of course, sometimes the two aren’t necessarily inclusive of one of another, but oh well!

I started out 2013 having just barely read my goal for 2012. Ever since Goodreads began their annual Reading Challenges in 2011, I would set 50 books as my goal. I failed in 2011 and basically scraped by in 2012. So when 2013 started, I went a little easier on myself. I set my goal at 35. It was the average books that I would finish without pushing myself crazy.

Well, I ended up meeting that goal in August, which was awesome. Starting a blog in March definitely pushed me along with my reading count, as well as receiving a lot of ARCs and review copies to get through. In fact, I am no where near catching up with my reading list like I would like to be.

That said, I ended up raising my goal to 50. And I met that too! I am now at 53 books, albeit some of those books are a little on the shorter side. I’m very happy about it but I think I really could have reached an even higher number if I had actually finished a book in November or most of December.

Remember that whole ‘not blogging thing’ for most of November? I think I have found out the reason–I was burnt out. I know there are those that never tire of reading, can spend their entire lives with their nose in a book. And for the most part, I am that bookish person, definitely more so than some of my friends. However, my hobby-eye changes its gaze every once in a while, and when I was dealing with a lot of stress in November, books just weren’t the escape I needed them to be. Sometimes, having review copies can almost feel like homework; you feel obligated to read and review and get through them at such a pace that it might as well be a part time job. And yes, to be a successful blogger (and by no means am I implying that I think I am a ‘successful’ blogger) it is a commitment. I know what I’m getting into when I enter into a giveaway. I get it.

But you have to love what you’re doing in terms of a blog, and I wasn’t loving books. I have now finished my first book in two months!!–and I am currently reading a book that I wish I could have the attention span and time to sit down for a long enough time to make progress in. That in and of itself is progress to me–that I want to read again.

I don’t want to force myself to be burnt out in the same way I became this month. I think I need more balance.

So for 2014, I will set my reading goal at 35 again. I might surpass it again, I might not.

And perhaps, when I get into a ‘book slump’ I’ll throw some jokers at you as wild cards: some pictures of my crochet and knitting projects and perhaps some video game rants. Like who designs these mansions that the NPC’s sometimes ask you to look in for some possession that they abandoned because it became overrun with spiders or whatever scary creatures. Is it really that surprising that spiders like your home when it’s that ridiculously confusing of a floor plan? Your maids without a doubt are missing a few corners of cobwebs.

Happy new year!

What do you think?

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