Things are just so busy!

There are like a million and one articles out there about writer’s block. Especially in November’s National Novel Writing Month.

And in some ways, I could probably benefit from those articles.

I’m sure you’ve noticed quite the absence of posts here. Things have genuinely been crazy busy for me. Typically, I don’t touch on personal things here, but let me do so just to explain better this radio silence.

  • I took the GRE last week and now will be working on applications for grad school.
  • I’ve started my own business with Stella & Dot.
  • I’ve been house hunting as I prepare to move to another rental in a month and a half.
  • I’m an adviser for my local sorority’s collegiate chapter.
  • I’ve been exploring applying for the Junior League of Washington.
  • I’ve had my book club.
  • I’ve had appointments galore.
  • I still work full time.

It’s easy when I write all that out to really explain to myself why some things have fallen by the wayside. I haven’t even felt like reading lately! You know that’s a sign of when you’re too stressed or that things are a little unbalanced.

This is by no means me quitting Playing Jokers. It’s just more of me trying to figure out how to proceed.

How do you balance everything in your life? If you’re a blogger, how to find time to blog?


What do you think?

  • You have been busy. It’s good to have passion for different things, but sometimes you can get over zealous. If you’re so busy and tired that you forget to do something you love, maybe you need to reevaluate and cut some things out or postpone it for awhile until things are settled like you moving. I don’t want you to quit this blog though. I love it~^^ (Is that too selfish?)

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