Book News: The One by Kiera Cass Cover Reveal

So if you have read my reviews this summer, you’ll have seen that I read The Selection and The Elite for the first time. I enjoyed the books as I enjoy watching reality television shows with guilty pleasure. It is one of those stories that you can’t believe that you are reading, and yet you keep reading. It is overall an enjoyable series, perfect when you want some brainless entertainment (and I don’t mean that harshly at all!).

So last week, the cover was revealed for The One, the final book in this trilogy. (Some quick recap: the series is The Bachelor meets a half-explained dystopian society meets a royal family. The main character is waiting of the final rose to marry the prince in a tense kingdom, but her heart is divided.)

So, here’s the new cover!


I think we all knew the girl would be wearing a white dress for this book, but it’s still very pretty. Is it a wedding dress? I particularly like how it goes along with the girl’s name “America” and now the trilogy features red, white, and blue dresses.

10507293The Elite (The Selection, #2)

What do you think of the cover(s)? Are you following this series?

What do you think?

  • Pamela D says:

    I have heard a little about the series. The books seemed like they would be fun reads.

    • A. Willow says:

      They are great reads. There aren’t a lot of teen books that are catching my interest fully, but this series is a special treat from the beginning to the end!

      • Playing Jokers says:

        When you want a book to be like that macaroni and cheese comfort food, this is that series. It’s not that dine dining experience, but it’s definitely entertaining.

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