Turning the Page: Announcing Cristen’s Comic Corner

turningthepageAnnouncing Cristen’s Comic Corner

It’s been a whole week since I announced my new framework for daily posts. It seems to have worked out okay so far; it’s definitely easier to think of what to post next.

“Tomorrow is Tuesday. Crap, what am I going to post about? Well, it’s my review or news day. I could hurry up and finish the book I’ve been working on to get a review up real fast, but this book news item broke and would be timelier on Tuesday. So I’ll save my review for Thursday, the next review or news day.”

See? Boom, I’ve got two days planned when before I’d be scrambling for an idea just for one.

cristenscomiccornerWell, today, I’d like to announce one more evolution of Playing Jokers.

My lovely nerdy roommate will be a new contributor to Playing Jokers! Cristen is what you might call a bit of an authority in the world of comics. It’s a field that I really have never gotten into.  Playing Jokers is a platform to explore all kinds of books and bookish things. So let me introduce a new feature:

Cristen’s Comic Corner will be Cristen’s place to rant, rave, and generally just talk about what it is that’s on her mind about comics or books. I’ll let her tell you more about it herself later. But I’m very excited for this!

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